Maldakal Timmappa Temple. (Maldakal)

This is a famous temple in Jogulamba Gadwal is belongs The lard venkateswara. this local people calls Maldkal Timmappa.he is famous god in this distric villages. and per year the people celabrates Maldkal Timmappa Jatara(Tirunala) on December Pournami. that jatara celebrates people very happily and visits people and take darsanam nearly 20 lakhs in year. so we think that how much celebrity in this temple.this temple has some background stories also.

It is said that in olden days the people from the village are not able to make Tirupati Balaji Darshan trip because of the high expenses. So the Lord has incarnated himself here in this village as Lord Timmappa and easily accessible for the devotees. So till the day people from this village won’t visit Tirupati with their own expenses as the same Lord is available in their village. The earlier name of the village is “Modala Kallu”(In Kannada Language) (some other similar names are also used by people) which means that First Stone of the deity (Modala = The First & Kallu = The Stone,Deity of Lord). The name itself says that the Lord established his Avatar himself.

There is one more story in use in people: All the buildings and architects in this village should be lower height than the Gali Gopuram (The Main Pillar in front of the Temple). If they try to avoid this and try to build the constructions with more height then they will be cursed by the Lord.

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