Education System In India – From Current To Future Era

Group of cute little prescool kids drawing

Group of cute little preschool kids drawing with colorful pencils
Following are the steps to be taken by the Indian government to cleansing the education system.
As soon as children turns 2.5 years the Indian parents put them into play school and start squeezing the child. This has to be stopped.
This can only stopped when our Indian constitution takes a daring step to eliminate the day care centers and start the open school system where the children’s are allowed to play and learn the things on their own with stress relief guidance from the baby sitters.
These open system should be owned by the Indian government and should not permit the private sectors to go for any open schools.
This can be achieved only when the open schools are provided with proper equipment and enough funds are released and utilized with corruption free.
Should get rid of private schools and the should develop the infrastructure and teaching standards(with practicals) on everyday.
The theory should be minimized and should increase the practical lessons but altogether should not exceed 24-26 hours per week for grade 1 to grade 5 students and 32-36 hours per week for grade 6 to grade 10 students.
The practicals should be more interesting which should be related to their daily life so that, the children feels more interesting to learn the things faster with dedication.
The marks system needs to be eliminated and should be provided with only eligibility cutoff. So that the branch in the allocated and child can chose the branch he/she needed on his own.
In order to achieve all these points Indian government should stop providing scholarship and start providing free education by enabling equality.
All the school staff needs to be monitored by higher authorities and the grading system for the teaching and non teaching staff needs to enabled and these grading system should have the weightage of 360 degree feedback from both students and their parents without bell curve concept  and the increments to the staff needs to be proportionate to their respective grading.
The law needs to be amended in such a way that, the staff who got less rating needs to be terminated with immediate effect stopping all the benefits given to their respective families.
This increases the ownership and defines a clear responsibility for all the staff working at schools.
The colleges need to educate the students in such a way that, every student need not be a job oriented instead they should enable them to lead the society with their thoughts.
In order to achieve that, the colleges needs to be owned by government and similar formula needs to be applied to all the staff as in schools.
The government should stop the schemes like fee reimbursement (which is currently benefiting the private colleges )that are related to money and start spending on improving the infrastructure and enable the government institutions productivity.
The scholarships need to removed for all the students and instead they should provide free coaching and hostel for all the students this indirectly take out the private institutions.
The government should the responsibility of each student and ensure in guiding the student in appropriate direction.
The students needs to be shown an appropriate part time jobs where they can earn themselves for their personal expenses which teach them a lesson on the value for money.
The government should be responsible for choosing the appropriate projects for the students and guide them in completion.
As similar to schools college education should take out the mark system and should enable the grading system and should provide the grading for the staff too.
If the Indian constitution is able to achieve all the above steps, India becomes a knowledge hub and become manufacturing and service sector hub for the entire world.
– Written By  Rohini Manohar

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